Affordable Living

As of April 2015 these numbers reflect what several existing community members have found for what it takes to run a household of one in Spur.

  1. No state income tax, property tax is ~1.5% house value
  2. $80/mo for water (up to 3,000 gallons), sewer and trash removal
  3. $50/mo for natural gas heating (December, January, February, March)
  4. $50/mo for electric air conditioning (June, July, August, September)
  5. $45/mo for a phone line, 2MB Internet and local TV streamed over fiber (upgrade to $120/mo for 10MB Internet)
  6. $20/mo for Direct TV basic package
  7. $50/mo for electricity to power "other" such as computer, microwave, fridge etc.

Estimated total monthly cost for infrastructure on a single lot with a tiny/mid = $250

  1. Local groceries are ~20% more than if you drive to Lubbock for big box retailers (Walmart, Costco, Target etc.)
  2. Local gasoline was $2.20/gal in April 2015 (Edit:$1.60/gal February 2016)

Estimated total monthly cost for consumables such as food, sundries and gasoline for an individual here is = $300+

Local Grocery Store: Lawrence Brothers

Local Grocery Store: Lawrence Brothers

When considering these numbers, know that we currently have residents who are living well on $550 per month. There are many advantages to living efficiently in a smaller space in a smaller town (here's a quick comparison to a traditional American setup). When you spend less, you don't have to earn as much and you may not have to stress as much... but it's still important to come here with a plan for making money on your own.