How to make friends and get along in Spur, TX

So... once you move to Spur (or even if you're just visiting), how do you meet people and make friends?! I've lived in Colorado, California, Texas and Bermuda and each place has it's own "way" if you will. Here are some tips for getting along in Spur. going-to-church-in-spur

Yeah, this is Texas and most people who live in town are religious and GO TO CHURCH! There are something like six churches and this is one of the best ways to integrate yourself and make friends. You don't need to be confrontational or convert and you shouldn't encounter too much evangelical stuff in your day to day life in town. I personally see church in Spur as a social thing, a way for people to come together and promote "good old fashioned Christian" values. I'm going to leave it at that.

If you're not into church, you would not be alone in Spur. Many people just keep their opinions to themselves but do not attend and some other ways for those people to connect are to visit the library or join the volunteer group called "Helping Hands" which mows yards while people are out of town and runs a community garden!

Not into books or vegetables? Maybe you prefer meat and want to talk about all of your favorite foods with townfolk at the weekly buffet which happens every Sunday (after church ends) at the diner downtown. The place is packed, the people are friendly and you can speak with almost anyone (this is where I befriended the chief of police... who is a very sweet lady).

On a diet perhaps? Consider golfing at the nine hole course which features full sized holes. You can get a monthly pass to this course for just $20 and they have a club that meets on Tuesday nights. I met an older fellow in town who invited to golf and it's on my shortlist for sure, I think he even offered to get me some loaner clubs :D

Got kids? Consider volunteering at the school, helping with events or attending plays and other open houses. Last week I was able to see a really cute musical with first, second and third graders and the place was packed! I'm sure there are also kids groups for scouting, after school sports (in fact I was told by one student in high school that she is on three sports teams). One afternoon I walked to the baseball fields and saw a kids practice game going on. I met a few of the parents and we made friends quickly. As I walked home I passed through the empty football arena (which is built into the side of the tallest hill in town) and that got my mind turning... I bet a hometown game here is awesome and I can't wait to check it out!

If you're a sports enthusiast but don't like golfing and don't have kids... consider tennis! There are two brand new courts at the school and they could give you a chance to make a close friend or set up a doubles match.


Spur is near Dickens and a few other small towns that have hiking trails (in canyon type terrain with beautiful trees at the bottom). There is also a reservoir nearby where you can kayak and even swim. I think it drains slowly throughout the year but it's full right now and I'm tempted to buy a couple of jet skis and head down there with friends. Wouldn't that be awesome! I love jet skis...

There are so many little things to do in town, I visited each of the three small parks and used the swings. I walked down a dirt road and met a blended hispanic family that told me about their Native American heritage and the land that they have been farming for generations. I met a young man who was visiting from Seattle (seeing his family) and we played pool for a bit at his family's place. One of the most exciting opportunities I see in the future here is getting to know incoming residents like this guy was doing with me as we played pool. He even offered to help me setup my house (like an old fashioned barn raising!)

I heard stories from local residents about how they used to block off main street and have a big outdoor concert and dance, about how awesome homecoming is! There is potential here and from what I've seen, just a bit of respect and interest goes a long way. There's enough diversity and open mindedness paired with respect for what people believe and what they own that anyone who comes in with some patience and good intention should quickly become an accepted and appreciated member. That's what it's all about and there's a sense of belonging and interest here with the waving and name remembering that you truly feel like a part. Conversely, I barely know my neighbor in LA (I don't think he even asked my name) but in less than a week I've met dozens of new friends in Spur and I feel like we care about each other. This doesn't happen everywhere, not even in every small town. I think the scale of Spur and the walkability lets it unfold naturally and people truly need each other or were brought up that way. It creates a special bond :)