The Proclamation

The official resolution establishing Spur as Tiny House friendly.

The official resolution establishing Spur as Tiny House friendly.

In July of 2014, Spur announced that it was Tiny House friendly.  Explicitly this means two things:

  1. If you have or want a THOW, you can order it, build it, and park it in Spur, with access to utilities.  If pursuing this route, we do require a THOW to be secured to a foundation while in city limits.  This is a safety concern as there are occasionally high winds which could otherwise knock your house over, or worse, into someone else's home and property.  If you buy land just outside of city limits, you're welcome to do as you please.
  2. If you've always wanted to build your own custom home - of any size - you are welcome to do it here.

How to build a home in Spur

First step is to come for a visit.  We can't overstate the value in coming to Spur and meeting the locals, fellow tiny housers, and seeing the land and layout of the town for yourself.

Get some plans.  We highly recommend downloading some detailed architectural plans online as there are many good sources available and this is the best way of making sure your house doesn't fall apart on you.  If you'd like to go custom, we encourage you to coordinate with a qualified architect who can work with you to design your space.  If you want to do it all yourself, that's awesome, but know that you won't be able to get a qualified builder or contractor to take the job unless the plans are fool proof and detailed.

Once you know what you're doing, there are essentially three ways to build your house.  You can either hire a local contractor (who will require good plans) to build it all for you, or you can hire a local contractor to build the frame of the house and leave you to take care of the interior design, or you can do it yourself.  If you go with the latter, there are plenty of handy residents in town who would love to help you build your home without bankrupting you.  All the tools you could need are in town and accessible, so don't worry about whether or not you have an air compressor or back hoe.  And for a nominal fee you can have a local contractor stop by to help you out or teach you how to do something.  Moving to Spur means joining a community, and that community sincerely wants the best for you.  You'll find that several of us would love to brainstorm your future home with you if you're still daydreaming.

City of Spur, Ordinance 677 - Pertaining to Tiny Houses


Amended March 15,2016

 WHEREAS, the City Council of the City of Spur has determined to develop zoning requirements for Tiny Houses; and
WHEREAS, it is in the best interest of the City that the health, safety and general welfare of the City be promoted by planning the orderly growth of the City; and
WHEREAS, the City Council of the City of Spur finds it to be in the best interest of the public safety, health and general welfare to regulate Tiny Houses within the City; therefore,


Section I: This Ordinance is hereby referenced as the “Spur Tiny Houses Ordinance.”
Section II: DEFINITIONS:  For purposes of this Ordinance, certain terms, words and phrases shall have the meaning hereinafter ascribed thereto.

A.   Building Official:  The Fire Marshall or other designated inspection authority of the City.
B.  City:  City of Spur, Dickens County, Texas and its extraterritorial jurisdiction.
C.  City Council:  City Council of the City of Spur, Texas.
D.  Common Access Route / Internal Street:  Private drive allowing principle means of access to individual Tiny Houses.
E.  Driveway:  Minor entrance way of the common access route, into an off-street parking area serving one or more Tiny Houses.
F.  Permit: Written permit and or application issued by the City Council permitting the placement, alteration or extension of a Tiny Home under the provisions of this Ordinance and regulations issued hereunder.
G.  Person:  Any natural individual, firm, trust, partnership, association or corporation.
H.  Tiny Houses:  Residential structures with less than 900 square feet total living space. Living space shall exclude porches, garages, and other space no heated or cooled by any means.

Section III: Permits/ and variances

A.    Variance required :  A variance is required to locate a Tiny House in any of the following subdivisions of the City as identified on the Zoning Map of the City an applicant is required to go before the City Council for approval.

1.   Martin Addition
2.  Smart Addition
3.  Kizer Addition
4.  McClurkin Addition
5.  Highway Addition
6.  Tom Fields Tract, including the Residential Area west of Williams Street to South Plains Electric Coop property
7.  Suitt/JED Addition

B.  Application Requirements for a Permit: All tiny home builders must complete an application for building. Including but not limited to the following:

1.  Name and Address of Applicant
2.  Telephone Number
3.  Location, Legal Property description, Block and Lot where Tiny House is to be located
4.  Dimensions of the Tiny House
5.  Description of material being used to build the Tiny House
6.  Plat or blueprints identifying connections to city services including Water, Sewer and Sanitation, if available
7.  Photographs of the tiny house, if available

C.    Issuance of Permit:  In considering the application, the City Council or designated building inspector may take into account the proposed location of the Tiny House in relation to the present and anticipated land use and development.  After review of the application and determining the application and the proposed home complies with this Ordinance and other applicable laws, codes regulations and zoning ordinances, the permit shall be issued.

D.    Denial of Application / Hearing.  Any person whose application for a Permit has been denied may, within 10 (ten) days of the denial, request in writing a rehearing on the matter and offer additional evidence at the hearing if desired.

Section IV: Basic Tiny House Requirements:

A.  The Tiny House must be on a foundation with at least six (6) inches of cement footing, which is steel reinforced for load bearing walls. A tiny home built on a trailer is required to remove wheels/axles in order to tie down to a foundation as described above.
B.  The Tiny House must have a driveway.
C.  A Pre-manufactured Tiny House is required to be skirted.
D.  The Tiny House must be located on a Common Access Route / Internal Street, and have an assigned address.
E.  The Tiny House must be connected to City utilities, which is water and sewer services. Sewer service is essential to dispose of all human waste. No composting toilets will be permitted.
F.  The Tiny House must comply with applicable portions of the 2005 Structural Standards Code of the City of Spur.
G.  The Tiny House must pass the inspection of the Building Official, or any subsequent structural standards which may be adopted by the City of Spur.

Section V: Penalty Provisions.  Any person violating this Ordinance or any portion thereof shall upon conviction be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be fined not less than $1.00 nor more than $500.00 for each day that such violation continues.  Each day may be considered a separate offense and punishable accordingly.

Section VI: Severability.  If any section or part of any section or paragraph of this Ordinance is declared invalid or unconstitutional for any reason, it shall not be held to invalidate or impair the validity, force or effect of any other section or sections or part of a section or paragraph of this Ordinance.

Section VII: Effective Date.  This Ordinance shall be effective immediately upon its passage, approval and publication.