Welcome to Spur, Texas. The nation's first 'tiny' house friendly town.

If you've been searching for a place to set down your Tiny House on Wheels (THoW) or build a miniature home, look no further!  In July of 2014, Spur uniquely proclaimed itself as the Nation’s first “tiny” house friendly town, and the vision for what that implies is steadily becoming a reality.  We invited the tiny house community to settle their minimalist homes in Spur because our little town is brimming with potential and opportunity.  The tiny house movement is full of creative innovation and has attracted do'ers from all walks of life who value self-sufficient sustainability and practical progress.  People who value lifestyle and community over the bustling anonymous over-worked and under-employed city life will find Spur very welcoming.

Spur is a classic West Texas town which has undergone a dramatic population drain to the big cities over the last few decades.  Once a town of several thousand, Spur has all the infrastructure you would expect of a city, with paved roads, city electric/water/sewage, and even fiber optic internet.  But with only about 1,200 people, the city has hundreds of vacant lots and abandoned buildings and several vacant commercial buildings.  It's the perfect place for the next generation of pioneers with an open mindset to come and create something amazing while realizing their own aspirations.  We're in a transitional stage right now and would love to come out of it ahead by ignoring the status quo and becoming a model for 21st century towns.

The view down Burlington Avenue (Main St) looking South

The view down Burlington Avenue (Main St) looking South

What it's like in Spur

You will get a lot of friendly waves and smiles here and if you take a walk down Main St during the morning 'rush hour' your hand may tire out. There are a few small restaurants, two gas stations (one that’s open 24/7), a library and a modern school that offers Pre-K-12.  We also have a 9-hole golf course and a city swimming pool following a few repairs.

Things move a little slower here on the day-to-day as we don't see value in rushing.  You'll find when you meet the locals that we lack any pretenses and two new strangers sitting on a bench may spend hours exchanging their whole life stories the first time they meet.  People value your character more than your job.  Enthusiasm and positivity spreads like wild fire.

Still figuring out life or looking to start a family?

If you're a recent grad with a 20-year plan to make it in the big city, make that a 5-year plan and come to Spur.  Cost of living is very low and land is affordable.  Why throw all your money at student loans and rent with stagnant wages from underemployment?  Come build a home and start life on your own terms.  Live in a town where your ideas are heard and action is supported.  We are working on several initiatives in Spur to make the transition easier, but it will take a pioneering spirit to succeed.

If you're starting a family and looking for a quality education and safe environment, Spur ISD offers pre-K-12 with a current student:teacher ratio less than 9:1.  Violence in Spur is also non-existent.  Consider the benefits of raising a family is such a supportive community environment.

We welcome you to explore the simple life and consider establishing a new home.  Dig into the site to learn more about Spur and reach out if you're serious about visiting and establishing yourself in a way that is sustainable.


*PLEASE NOTE: Benjamin (web admin and tour giver) is susceptible to wanderlust and opportunistic travel, so please contact before planning/booking your trip if you want a tour of the town*

If you'd like to come through town to see what it's all about, PLEASE CONTACT US by emailing info@spurtinyhouses.org.  We want to make sure there's someone available to show you around and help get a feel for the town and the community.  Once you've made contact and know when you're coming, we have two hotels in town to choose from as well as a couple RV parks:

  • The Mesquite Inn - 806-422-0942 - right on US Rte 70 (Hill Street in Spur) on the edge of town. It is an old motel with renovated rooms. A clean, typical motel room.  You can request a fridge, coffee pot and a microwave.
  • The Back Door Inn - 806-271-4780 - right in town on the main street Burlington Ave. Walking distance to everywhere. City Hall right across the street, restaurants, shops, etc. It is a funky old building and the rooms are clean and all interior without windows.  The bathrooms are also shared with other guests.  It is sort of a bed&breakfast as Joan provides coffee, tea, breakfast pastries and fruit. There’s a big kitchen and you can bring in your own food to cook and leave in the refrigerator.
  • Spur RV Park - Don Rude - 806-787-6095
    420 Willard Ave (Between Harris & Third St),
    Water + Electricity (No Wi-Fi) – $20/night-weekly rates
  • Central RV Park - 806-294-5273 - spurrvparker.com
    2001 State Hwy 70 - 5 miles out of town,
    Laundromat, Free Wi-Fi, Full Hook-Ups
  • White River (Lake & Marina) - 806-263-4244
    261 Marina Road, 12 miles out of town,
    Water + Electric   $ 25/night

Check out their websites and/or call for more information.  They are similarly priced.  Also please note that they are small hotels and you may need to call them shortly before you arrive to make sure someone will be around to show you your room.